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Tinkerbell and Buttercup's Stories

Thank you HSNT for letting us adopt two of your fur babies. Our family is now complete with Tinkerbell and Buttercup! The search was not a short one nor did we make a quick decision. Often we visited PetSmart and Benbrook Waggin' Tails searching for our future family pets. But like the age old saying goes, "When you know, you know!"

Our cat Tinkerbell was such an explorer from the moment the PetSmart attendant let her out of the cage. Having a little kid and having moved into a new home, she was a perfect fit! Once again, we started visiting Waggin' Tails for a canine companion for our cat and daughter. Getting to meet Buttercup was such a joy — NO jumping or barking, only a welcoming wagging tail & smile on her face. She was not getting passed up and I took her home to meet her forever family. The Guerrero family is now complete thanks to your adoption facilities.