“I went to the shelter in August to “look around”, but those are famous last words, right?? It ended up that’s I’d gone on one of their free adoption days and I just knew I couldn’t walk away without a cat. I went in looking for a cat that was not a kitten because I knew they often had more trouble getting adopted. I saw a beautiful black cat sitting in his crate, just looking around.

He was 2 years old and when I held him, I looked at my friend who was with me and said: “This is my cat!” He came home with me a few days later, I named him Squirrel, and he has become my number one Floof. Squirrel is great in car rides (even a 15 hour one!); he loves finding new places to perch (like the top of the cabinets); he’s always eager to get in his harness and play outside; he runs to the door when I come home and wags his tail like a puppy; he pushes his face up against the window whenever I’m leaving; and he gets into mischief (like doing laps around the couch or emerging from my closet with a pig headband around his waist). Thank you HSNT for my perfect best friend!!”


Squirrel's Story




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