My whole life, I had wanted a dog. I would foster EVERY lost animal i could find until I found its owner. One day, I BEGGED my mom to let me go see the dogs and cats at HSNT. I walked in and there was only about 20 dog kennels in one room/hallway. Sure enough, the first kennel on the left was my baby Shadow. My mom and I have had a soft spot for Golden Retrievers our whole life, and to see one sweet and gentle pup behind a cage was too much to handle. My mom swore that we would not come home with a dog... and do you think that happened? NO!! He has spent the last 7 years with us. He’s 10.5 yrs old now and I swear he acts as young as the day we got him! He loves to go for walks and get endless amounts of attention! Since adopting Shadow, he has moved to his “new” (4 years ago) home in Nebraska with us, along with my other animals, including my now 5-year-old cat Tazz who Ialso got from the HSNT as a kitten.

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