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Odin's Story

We want to thank you for allowing us to adopt Odin (known there as Tilbin). He is such a welcome addition to our pack and family. We lost our boy Tux who was also a rescue on New Years Day unexpectedly and we didn't have plans on adopting just yet, but we made the mistake of looking at the website. Well I did look but hubby did more. Tuxy was my husband's baby boy and has been missing him alot and he had snuck up there and visited a potential pup and made the appointment without telling me till he got home from work. So we set out to meet him the next day with our oldest pack member Buster, who is almost 15, and it didn't work out. So we were getting ready to leave and stopped and looked at two more windows and Buster kind of growled at that 1st dog and then we spotted Odin and Buster’s tail started to wag and we asked if we could meet him. 

He was so sweet and kept bringing Buster toys to see and bared his belly to him and we fell in love with his disposition and sweetness to our lil old man. Well Odin now has a new pack, a family, and a pillow between us on the bed and he will never have to worry about being alone ever again. We miss our pommie Tux to no end, but see some of how Odin acts and know without a doubt Tuxy sent us another angel to rescue like we did him in 2007