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Mowgli's Story

"My husband and I adopted our baby, Mowgli from you guys about 3 1/2 years ago. Yesterday, he turned a whole 4 years old!!! We took him to Colorado since he just loves the outdoors. We went hiking all around Colorado and he just had the time of his life. He’s a very spoiled boy, he is obsessed with fetch and would rather drop to the floor than stop playing with his ball or frisbee. He has many friends he sees daily. He is the world's biggest cuddler and would never sleep anywhere other than under the weighted blanket on the bed. He even just won a cutest pet contest in Denton!! He is our only dog — we have three cats who he is in love with! He is the biggest energetic couch potato!! He was even our dog of honor in our wedding a few months ago. We absolutely adore him with all our heart and would do anything for him. We just wanted to thank you guys for bringing the most perfect boy into our lives who makes me feel so complete."