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Maximus' Story

For over 2 years now, our daughter ‘A’ has asked for a cat that was small and would let it play with her, be carried around, and held and that would sit with her while she played, read books, etc. We told her eventually we’d find the perfect fit and this past year, her biggest Christmas wish was to find her “small and fluffy animal.” I began to research best cat breeds for kids and Siamese came up quite a bit. We’d already decided we would only adopt from a shelter and Siamese being a popular breed of cat, they don’t typically stay long at all. So when a Siamese mix popped up, we headed to the shelter. The kitten was sweet with me, but she didn’t really care for the kids. While handling her, a 7mo Russian Blue kept meowing at the kids begging to see them. We got him out and he was instantly attached and the kids played with him for over an hour. Maximus aka Max or Maxi is A’s perfect match. All day, she totes him around, dancing with him, singing and being her boisterous self and it hasn’t phased him at all. He willingly sits and cuddles with her for as long as she wants and seeing the joy and satisfaction on her face has been the absolute best. Thanks for choosing us, Max! Also a big thank you to the sweet young woman who was so patient and helpful while me and my 3 kids looked at kitties. We had a great experience at the Keller location and will definitely be back to adopt again from HSNT in the future!