I have been a HSNT foster for about a year and a half. I fell in love with one of my fosters named Henry and decided he would be my "foster fail." Unfortunately, he had some medical complications and passed away. I was heartbroken and took a break from fostering. A few months later, I knew that I wanted to have a dog full time so I started to browse all the dogs that were available. I also had always wanted a Great Dane, so I was keeping a close eye out for any that might come in. I saw one available and wanted to go look at her, but when I arrived, I saw Luna (formerly Coco) first. She was so beautiful and when I had the opportunity to look at her and interact with her, I knew she was my dog. I adopted her on March 14 and I got to take her home a week later. When she came home, she didn't leave her new bed for an entire day! :-) She is so smart, cuddly, and hilarious. She still has her own giant bed, though she prefers mine, and her own couch. She loves walks, the dog park, playing tug of war, and snuggles. I started fostering again and Luna is also the best foster sister to the pups that come stay with us. She is so patient and lets them climb and nibble on her. Luna makes me so very happy and I think Henry helped me find her. I am incredibly thankful for her and for HSNT for the work that y'all do!

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