Kodi's Story

Kodi always had an urge to always have something in his mouth. We’ve gotten MUCH better at that, and I’ve been able to get lots of sweet Kodi kisses. 


Kodi is a master on the leash! He never pulls and he stays right at my side. Oh and speaking of walks, we go on a nice walk every evening when the sun is going down! He loves it, and gets a treat (ice cube) when we go back inside.


His favorite thing to do is sleep. He doesn’t wake me up in the morning... I wake him up! And the first thing he does is creep up to me in bed and gives me good morning kisses. While I’m getting ready for work in the morning, he continues to sleep, probably sleeps while I’m at work, and then sleeps once I get home. So high maintenance.... just kidding :) 


He’s making friends more easily than I imagined (human and dogs both!). 


I’ve incorporated green beans into his diet because they are a good weight loss food for dogs (as y’all may notice, Kodi was a smidge overweight). HE LOVES THEM. My mom feeds my dogs at home green beans (mom knows best!), and so I wanted to try it with Kodi. He also takes doggy vitamins for overall good health :) 


He doesn’t chew anything in the house! He has toys, but rarely plays with them. He’s just interested in sleeping and giving kisses - I have nothing to complain about. 


He’s such an angel, and I love him so much! Thank you HSNT for taking care of Kodi, until he was was mine! 

Kodi's Story