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Kiki's Story

I didn’t realize I was a cat person!! Kiki, has stolen our hearts. She is a super sweet, playful and cuddly girl that loves to be held. She begs for her canned food every morning. She loves to be snuggle and to go outside. She will sit at our back door if we are outside and cry to come out with us. We have a French Bulldog and at first, in true cat style, she didn’t like him, but now they both sleep with us in our bed and every now and then you might catch them sitting together or playing. She is very curious and will follow you all around the house, usually right in the middle of whatever is going on. While I am getting dressed, she is sitting in the sink watching my every move. She has been the best addition ever!! When I come home from work, she can usually be found on her cat tree waiting for me to come through the door, or even run to the door and greet me. We could not be more blessed. We love her and her personality and are so thankful she’s ours! Thank you HSNT for such an amazing kitty!! Oh, and she actually smiles