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JellyBean's Story

I came to visit my parents one weekend in Fort Worth. My mom had gotten the wrong dog food for her dogs and we decided to donate the extra to the Humane Society of North Texas. It had to have been fate that we went the weekend before I was heading home back, to Louisiana. We had no intentions of adopting and were just looking at the dogs just for fun. We rounded the corner and heard a small puppy barking and bouncing around in her cage. My mom asked if we could take her out to play with her. Jellybean had other ideas and jumped into my arms, claiming me as her own–a short time after that I walked out with my new best friend.  The first few days were perfect; I had a sweet girl who loved me unconditionally.


We experienced our first hurdle together in our many adventures together; my sweet puppy had to be taken to the vet and tested positive for parvo. An emotional rollercoaster for several days, but my girl is a fighter and came back home after a successful treatment. She’s my fighter, she is a dog so in-tune with me, despite not listening right now (8 months old and in her ‘I don’t have to listen phase’). We’ve since moved to Alabama, and we’ve enjoyed exploring the area together. Jellybean loves going to the dog park, snuggling with me, chewing on my shoes, playing with her toys, and she even watches TV with me. Recently Jellybean graduated puppy school, but still has to learn “leave it,” but we’re working on it! We’ve been together four happy amazing months now. I am so lucky that she chose me!