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Beauty and Beast's Story

My name is Beauty, and my forever family adopted me on the same day they had to put down their loving Prada. Mommy was heartbroken that day after saying goodbye to her longtime companion, but my kids had been wanting a dog for a long time. Since mommy's Prada was old with cancer, they waited until Prada went over the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy saw some posts on Facebook of all the homeless dogs and cats in the Fort Worth area that same day. She told everyone to get in the car they were going to go find a special puppy to bring happiness back to our house. After looking and driving to several places they found me!! I had just arrived that very day, & they told my new family and mommy thought that was super special that I arrived as Prada had to go. So my family adopted me on the spot! 


My mommy took me to the hospital for special care, because one of my litter mates tested positive for Parvo. At the hospital I was very bored and did not feel or act very sick, I chewed on my IV and pulled it out not once but five times. My doctor and nurses love me but called mommy to come to pick me up and said I was the healthiest puppy with Parvo they have ever seen. I caught an upper respiratory infection, probably kennel cough, and mommy bought me lots of toys, medicine, and a nebulizer to make sure I got better. You see, my mommy didn't give up on me. Once I was better, Mommy said I could have a puppy too, because every Beauty needs a Beast. Mommy and Daddy looked on the website and found ME a puppy, at the Saxe-Forte Adoption Center. They went to go meet my brother and adopted him on the spot too. We love to run and play chase. We share toys, well actually I grab all the toys and let him chase me and chew on the other end. We love to cuddle for naps and sleep on the bed with mommy and daddy. Thank you for helping us find a forever home, we have the best family in the world who loves us very much.