I suggested going to HSNT to "play with the puppies", and the first words out of his mouth were "Ok, but we're NOT coming home with one". Now if you're married, you understand how this works. This is where I just smiled I said "Ok!". 


It broke my heart to see just how many sweet fur babies were there in the shelter. I'd never been to a shelter before, and I had no idea what to expect. At one point, I told my husband I wanted I leave. My heart was breaking, and I knew I couldn't take them all home and give them the lives they all deserved. Luckily, God had other plans for our family, and he was able to convince me to continue on through the next hallway. 


And there she was. 


The prettiest dog we'd ever seen, laying calmly in the lap of an HSNT volunteer we would later refer to as "Aunt Meda". Something was different about this dog. I asked if I could please come in her kennel, and was allowed in. I sat down on the floor, and Bailey sat down in my lap and put her head on my shoulder. While loving on her, I asked Meda her story. We learned that this was her second run at a shelter, and she'd recently come from another location to try and better her chances at adoption. We also learned that she was a volunteer favorite, and Aunt Meda had even come in that day, on her day off, just to love on her. 


The first few weeks were a whirlwind. She was an extremely sweet girl, but you could tell she'd had a hard life. She wouldn't look us in the eyes, she wasn't sure what a ball or a bone was, and she needed her own space to decompress at times. 


We learned that car rides were fun, that Starbucks was super fun, and going for walks was the best thing ever! We get to go to the lake often, and she loves to swim! The days of being shy and unsure of herself are most definitely a thing of the past, and our chubby baby girl has the best personality ever! 


I would like to tell you that we rescued her, but the truth is, she rescued us. There is a joy I can't describe in coming home every single day and being greeted by a sweet face that has been waiting all day to see you. We are here entire world, and she is ours. Thank you, HSNT for making our family complete. And thank you Meda.

Bailey's Story




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