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Axis's Story

On Saturday August 10th, Myself and a few other business owners in the area hosted a donation and adoption event at Bear Creek Park. When the team members with The Humane Society of North Texas showed up, they unloaded 5 crates and filled them with some very happy pups, when I had a second to take a step away from my vendor table, I took a look at the dogs. Almost immediately I had a connection with a dog the staff members said was named Willow. I took her for a walk to let the passers by hear about our event. When I brought her back to her kennel, I told the staff that if she wasn't gone by the end of the event I would likely be taking her home. That was around 9:30am of our event, Paws For A Cause, that ran until noon. For the rest of the almost 3 hours my 5 year old daughter kept telling me to take her for another walk so I could "Make the right choice". If it wasn't enough that I already wanted this beautiful 2 year old pup, having my little girl give me that nudge was the final point. Right before the event ended I signed the paperwork, and we loaded up in the truck to head to my clinic, The Specific Chiropractic Centers, to see a few patients. It took her a few minutes but she adapted to her new life VERY quickly. We have now renamed her Axis. She has had the chance to meet our other dog Melody as well as our cats Vladimir and Vanessa. We have completely outfitted her with everything she could need, and she couldn't be happier. She now has a good sized backyard and plenty of company in our pets and two kids. I have plans to take Axis everywhere with me, and name her the mascot to The Specific Chiropractic Centers of Fort Worth!