"I don't want to be famous; I just want to be loved,"

said any shelter animal across the country.


Be a Publicity Pal!
The Humane Society of North Texas knows that each animal housed within our adoption centers is worthy of a loving home. These animals often just need a shot to show off their potential to a prospective forever family, and now YOU have the opportunity to help an HSNT animal gain a little publicity and hopefully snag a new owner.

Sponsor an HSNT animal to be featured in a series of adoption ads in The Dallas Morning News’ neighborsgo newspapers around the DFW area. Each animal will receive a photo and description, similar to the layout below.

The individual ads will appear together in a half-page ad for HSNT with our contact information for more people to learn more about the featured animals. Publicity Pal sponsor names will be featured in the ad, as well. See example below.

A little bit of Pug and a little bit of something else, Ike wants to offer one lucky family a whole lot of love!

Call 817-332-4768 about Ike today!

This ad sponsored by the Millers of URHomeConstruction.com
A sweet girl, Lela is a Shar Pei mix just waiting for a forever family to love all over her soft wrinkles!
Call 817-332-4768 about Lela today!
Lela is sad knowing how many like her could use a sponsor.
You are just a hop, skip and a jump away from having this little girl in your family! Rabbits make great family pets!
Call 817-332-4768 about Bunny today!
This ad sponsored by Tandi Tipps- a longtime dedicated supporter of the animals.

Special thanks to our very first Publicity Pal Sponsors:

The Miller Family and Tandy Tipps

Sponsorship Opportunities:

1 Pet x 1 Run x All Issues = $90

Half-Page Ad (9 Pets x 1 Run x All Issues) = $800



To become a Publicity Pal, contact HSNT by phone at 817-322-4768 or email Tammy Hawley at tammyhsnt@yahoo.com.

You can also mail a check to 1840 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76103 just make sure you mark it as a publicity pal sponsorship or simply click now and use pay pal to get started.


If you can't sponsor please feel free to share this opportunity with businesses and locations that you are a patron to.