Humane Society of North Texas Saves Partners with Fort Polk Army Base to Save Horses

Humane Society of North Texas Saves Partners with Fort Polk Army Base to Save Horses

The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) has brought back the first load of 50 wild horses from Fort Polk Army Base in Louisiana. The Army plans to remove hundreds of wild horses from Fort Polk.

An estimated 400 horses still roam training lands on and around Fort Polk. Army officials stated that the figure was previously 700 -750, however, they believe many of the donkeys have been stolen from the Base.

The fate of the horses has been the subject of debate since the Army proposed removing them about a year ago. Army officials say the animals represent a safety hazard, while advocates have argued they should be left alone.

The Army has worked a plan to catch and corral 30-50 horses at a time. The horses will be offered to animal welfare groups such as HSNT for inclusion in their adoption program. The goal is to remove all 400 horses over a 2 year period. If animal welfare groups do not take the horses, the Army will offer them to any citizen that will take them, and if that fails, the horses will be transported to a livestock auction for sale.

HSNT estimates this effort will cost over $50,000 and is asking the horse and animal loving community to consider making a donation or adopting a horse as a life-long friend.

“This is a true honor to be a part of such a historic rescue as we work hard to make sure these magnificent creatures receive the care and respect they deserve.” Sandy Shelby, Executive Director.

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