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HSNT Seizes 173 Animals in Denton County
Animals from guinea pigs to donkeys are being held by HSNT  



Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 11, 2012 Humane Society of North Texas’ investigative officials announced the seizure of 173 animals from a single owner in Denton County. The rescue involved multiple species including guinea pigs, cats, chickens, rabbits, goats, donkeys, doves, ducks, geese, an emu and more, all of which are being housed by HSNT until the custody hearing scheduled for Monday, Nov. 19.


              “Discovering many different species, especially in pairs like this, signals a suspected breeding situation,” said Shelly Meeks, lead investigator at HSNT. “The conditions were absolutely deplorable, with feces and animal carcasses everywhere, as well as inadequate food and water. There were animals forced to live in small enclosures with animal carcasses.”  


              Some of these species are not seen as frequently at HSNT, while some will be added to groups already representing large numbers.

              “We will really be eager to help the donkeys find new owners as soon as possible, as we already have a large number of donkeys in our program right now,” Meeks said. “We also will need to move the chickens and rabbits into new homes as soon as possible.”

              While HSNT will be accepting advance applications for the animals now, they will have to wait until official custody is awarded at the hearing before they can process any adoptions. If custody is awarded to HSNT, the owner has 10 days to appeal. An additional five days will be allowed for filing the appeal and another 10 days can then be added for processing.


“The entire sequence can sometimes take as long as 35 days from the point of seizure,” Meeks added. “We are still hoping for a negotiated release to keep costs down and allow for the animals to make it to their forever homes more quickly. Staff is hauling food and supplies daily to care for the animals at an offsite location.” 

Donations of hay and money to purchase animal feed is greatly needed. HSNT has the opportunity to purchase feed at a discounted rate due to non-profit status.


              Applications may be submitted to HSNT via fax, email or dropped off at any of our three locations during business hours. There are breed request lists for some of these animals, and those already on the waiting lists will be contacted first as soon as the animals are available for adoption.


Founded in 1905, the Humane Society of North Texas is one of the oldest animal shelters in the country and the oldest in Tarrant County. The organization rescues and houses countless animals each year. Contrary to popular belief, the organization does not receive any state or federal funds. All funds from adoptions will help the organization continue to provide for and protect animals in its care.

For more information, contact HSNT at 817-332-4768, ext. 113

(additional information and photos may be released after the conclusion of this case)